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you'll also find lots of apparel shops boasting recognizable names. independence independence day industrial kitchen industrial scenes infrared institution interior architecture ionic iron iron fence iron gate ironwork is one of the widest cablestayed bridges in the world. the bridge serves as the northern entrance to and exit from boston. the bridge is named after civil rights activist lenny zakim and the american colonists who fought the british in the battle of bunker hill. italian italian american italian american art italian architecture italian cities italian clothes italian cuisine italian culture italian dining italian feast italian feasts italian festival italian festivals italian flag italian food italian fooe italian gifts italian gothic architecture italian heritage italian neighborhood italian neighborhoods italian pastry shop italian restaurant italian restaurants italian scenes italian sign italian souvenirs italians japanese art japanese lantern jeter jeter in fenway 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souvenirs north end street scene north end street scenes north square northend northern avenue bridge nostalgia nostalgic nostalgic baseball game nostalgic scenes numerous marching bands and floats. the statue of the saint returns to his chapel as confetti and streamers cascade from the rooftops. saint anthony's feast is held annually on the weekend of the last sunday of august. nyc nyc christmas cards nyc holiday cards nyy oasis ocean odyssey office office buildings offices ohn hancock oil company signs old architecture old boston old boston historic landmark old boston scenes old buildings old cambridge old church old churches old ironside old ironsides old money old north church old red sox players old south church old south church interior old south meeting house old state house old state house boston old timers day old world charm one boston place one international place oo18proglowbw ornamental ortizd oston oston public gardens outdoor outdoor restaurant outdoors overcast 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over boston sunsets supporting breast cancer suspension bridge swan swan boats swan boats boston swan boats boston ma swan boats in boston picture swan boats in boston public garden swans swing symbol tall tall buildings tall ship tall ship beaver tall ship eleanor tall ships tall ships in boston harbor tapestry brick tapestry brickstyle td garden td garden boston tea party tea party museum team teammates teammates statue teammatescollage teams teams. sport teamwork ted williams ted williams and the boy ted williams statue tenaments tenements terramia the barking crab the bleacher bar the building quickly became a gathering place for america's early citizens. but lots more than shopping took place at this site. it was here that patriots like sam adams gathered to thrill the crowds with their antiengland rhetoric the garden the great dome the greenway the letter b the market was built on landfill on a spot that was once a part of the harbor. six new streets were added to accommodate the market traffic. in the beginning the north end the north end boston the stata center the t the town this authentic italian street festival has it all for people of every age parades three bicycles three bicycles on a fence throw ticker tape ticker tape parade tickets2a tma tmbw tmpano tonemapped tonemapped0000 tonemapped1 tonemapped11x tonemapped1can tonemapped2 tonemapped2a tonemapped4x12 tonemapped811 tonemapped812 tonemapped8x10 tonemapped8x10tx tonemapped8x11 tonemappeda tonemappedab tonemappedabwsq tonemappedanew tonemappedanewlg tonemappedapurple tonemappedb tonemappedb0000 tonemappedbw tonemappedcezanne tonemappedgl tonemappedjp tonemappedm tonemappedmonet tonemappedmw tonemappednew tonemappednysharp tonemappednysharpp tonemappedp tonemappedpaint tonemappedpan0 tonemappedpano tonemappedpdark tonemappedpro tonemappedrgb tonemappedrw tonemappedser tonemappedsh tonemappedsilsq tonemappedsn tonemappedsnow tonemappedsq tonemappedsqtx tonemappedst tonemappedsun tonemappedswans 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