Boston Skyline of Back Bay

Boston Skyline of Back Bay

Boston Skyline as seen from the Liberty Motel in Beacon Hill

Born and raised in Southern Connecticut, I was surrounded by quaint New England charm ... the White Christmases, the colorful palette of Autumn colors, the Atlantic's blue waters ... all at my doorstep.

Also at my doorstep and less than an hour's drive away, was my beloved New York City. NYC has always fascinated me with its diverse culture and mixture of old and new America. I so looked forward to the weekends when I could hop the train and spend my day exploring all this glorious city had to offer.

Through the years I've done a good deal of traveling. I've driven cross-country twice and lived in the Pacific Northwest as well as Florida before settling down in New Hampshire.

I again found myself living in the heart of New England and only 30 minutes to a major city ... Boston. I'm living in the best of both worlds.

When shooting nature and landscapes, I want the viewer to see exactly as I saw ... to feel the way I felt. I want to transport them to that exact spot and be consumed by the beauty and peacefulness of the scene. I want it to speak to them.

Whether I photograph a city like Boston or the New England countryside I don't want it to be just 'another shot'. I want to capture the essence of the neighborhoods that make up that city or town in a way that the lens cannot capture, bringing out the true spirit and substance of the scene and the people's influence on it. I try and capture the lifeblood and backbone of what makes these places unique and charming.

I've been a member of the Nashua Area Artists Association and the New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists. Work has been exhibited at the Exeter, New Hampshire Town Hall, the Chimera Art Gallery, the Chandler Library, Gallery One, and Martin's Photographix and Digital Exhibits, in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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